Dragon Boat Procedures

Mandatory Safety Equipment in the Boat and on Person

  • Sounding device (whistle or blow horn) (drummer and/or steerperson)
  • Throw Bag (small boat floatation device attached to boat near the steersperson)
  • Walkie-Talkie (attached to boat near the drummer)
  • Personal Floatation Device (worn appropriately on person at all times)
  • Paddle (T-grip, shaft, shoulders, blade)

Should there be an emergency event

The drummer and /or steersperson:

  • Will blow their whistle and call for help (walkie-talkie if available) to attract individuals on shore or in other vessels
  • Call for a Safety Count

The crew must:

  • Stay with the boat
  • Do a Safety Count
  • Find your seat partner and stick together
  • Locate the person in the seat in front and behind (the front seats, locate the drummer; the last seats, locate the steersperson)
  • Await rescue

Stay with the boat

Listen to the drummer and steersperson and work together as a group Repeat Safety Count every 30 seconds until all are recovered and accounted for Make sure PFD’s are properly fastened Do not attempt to swim to shore Stay with the boat Minimize heat loss by huddling close together Reassure panicking crew members Provide non-swimmers with additional buoyancy e.g. a handful of paddles

Stay with the boat

If someone is missing:

  • Look around for the missing person – if you have already been counted in
  • Quickly resume safety count to be sure that there are not others missing
  • Each paddler will need to feel under the boat to help find the missing person
  • If necessary, one individual ONLY, should check under the boat
  • The Emergency Response Team needs to be notified, as soon as they arrive, that a person is missing
  • When the person is found and in distress, commence First Aid and / or CPR as required

Please note that if you find yourself under an over turned boat, there should be an air pocket available for you to catch your breath and get your bearings. Feel your way to the side of the boat and then surface on the outside.