1.  Team Registration

Registration will be on a Team basis only.  A team representative must collect all registration and waiver forms and forward them with a single cheque to the Treasurer.  Teams will be responsible for their own financial accounts, establishing the amount of the paddling fee for their individuals members (based on a non-refundable fixed fee of $2,000.00 per 22 member team) and for determining and administering a process for refunds.

2.  Individual Registration

If an individual expresses an interest in paddling, the Association will take their information and will do the best they can to accommodate them on a team by circulating their contact information to all teams requiring members.  A Registration Form will be completed only when the individual has been accepted on a team. This form, together with a waiver, will then be forwarded by the team representative to the Treasurer subject to item 3 below.

3.  Team Fee

There will be a non-refundable fixed fee of $2,000.00 per team for the paddling
season, which includes a $30.00 Association Membership Fee and a $70.00 Paddling Fee.  This rate covers fees for 22 people only on a team.

Any team comprised of more than 22 people will be required to pay a $30.00 Association Membership Fee for each person beyond that number.  The team may assess and retain, at their discretion, a paddling fee for any members beyond the 22.

The registration form, waiver and cheque, must be forwarded to the Treasurer by the team representative before any members paddle.

4.  Team Registration Deadline

Registration forms, waivers and a single cheque must be submitted by May 1.

5.  Team Director

A Director will be appointed by each registered team to fill a Team Director position on the Board.  If the appointed Team Director withdraws from the Board for any reason, the team must appoint a replacement within three days.  If these requirements are not fulfilled, the team will not be entitled to any boating privileges.

6.  Team Steersperson

The team Steersperson must complete the Steersperson Release Form which is to be submitted with the team registration package to the Treasurer.

7.  Practice Times

The tentative schedule will be
Wednesday – Thunderstrokes
Thursday – Sister Power
Friday –
Sunday – Snap Dragons

8.  Waiver Forms/Team Roster

The Association Treasurer will compile Team Roster lists and will post these in the Elkwater Training/Storage facility.  No one is allowed to paddle without having a signed Waiver form.  It will be the responsibility of the Team Captain and/or Steersperson to enforce this requirement

9.  Coaching

When a new team is established and becomes a member of the Association, training and coaching will be provided by the Association.

10.  Land Person

There must be a land person, with a radio (provided by the Association) and a phone for each team on all their practice nights.